by Ben N on May 14, 2010

Hey Everyone!

The easiest way there is to save gas, is to make a few basic changes to your driving style. First off, SLOW DOWN! Driving fast is an easy way to drop your fuel economy.

Besides slowing down, not having to start and stop and start and stop, will help plenty. Start and stop driving is terrible for your fuel economy as well. And your brakes. And your driving stress.

Whenever possible, simply DON’T STOP FOR TRAFFIC LIGHTS! That’s right! No STOPPING! “Isn’t that illegal?” No, the trick is to simply always arrive at the lights when they are green, instead of red.

Typically, it just means looking ahead, knowing where you are, and what the lights are doing. Often, you can simply let off the gas. Other times, you may need to brake, but do it farther back from the light than you typically would, just enough to drop your speed to get you to the light when it’s green.

Sometimes you will still get a red. Hey, life’s not perfect, but with a little practice, you can hit green lights 90% of the time.

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