Welcome to 300MPG.org!

by admin on February 22, 2010

Hi everyone!

For some time, I have been working on various home-brew transportation projects, ranging from to electric cars to bio-diesel trucks, even researching the trolley that existed in my city 100 years ago!

Most of my sharing has been through various on-line blogs and forums. Some of which could be lost track of, or even disappear entirely if some “free” service was no longer provided.

So, I made the choice to throw my hat over the fence and start my own web page.

Trying to come up with a good name for a web address wasn’t easy. I needed something catchy, short, and wasn’t already taken. The only thing that ever really stuck in my mind was how shocked I was when I calculated to gasoline equivalent of the fuel economy of my home-made electric motorcycle. It clocked in at 320 miles per gallon! Messing around in my driveway, knowing almost nothing about electrical systems OR motorcycles, I managed to create an affordable, practical vehicle that got energy use equal to OVER 300 MPG!

Thus, 300MPG.org is born. For all of us out there who think we can all go way farther, on way less.

Welcome, and thank you for coming to 300MPG.org!

-Ben Nelson

Tinker, inventor, regular guy just trying to do better.

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