Harley Sparkster for Sale!

by admin on February 5, 2010

Last Summer, my friend Mike converted a Harley-Davidson Sportster into an all-electric motorcycle. Thus, the SPARKSTER was born.

I helped Mike just a little bit on the project, with a few recommendations on parts, and the initial controller programming.
Alas, as hard economic times befell many of us recently, Mike does now need to sell this slick bike.
The cycle is in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.
Here’s a classified I made on the cycle. If you are interested, please give Mike a call.

For Sale:
The Sparkster – 1979 Harley Davidson Sportster Custom Conversion

This Sportster has been custom converted to a totally battery-electric vehicle, using an energy rate of 100 watt-hours per mile. That’s roughly the energy equivalent of 300 miles per gallon! Clean, quiet, and powerful! About a penny a mile to operate. Electric motors feature an amazing torque curve!

The cycle features:

• Briggs and Stratton Permanent Magnet DC Motor Etec 24-72V –
• Alltrax 7234 programmable motor controller
• 5 Sealed, (spill-proof) lead acid, 12.00 Volt, 55 AH batteries
• 60 volt system
• Transmission-less chain drive
• Charger included – plugs into standard outlet
• 35 MPH top speed – great for in-town use
• 25 mile range per charge
• Acceleration similar to original gasoline design

Custom conversion was completed in May 2009, and about 350 miles were put on the bike since then. Motor and controller both support a 72 volt system, so cycle speed and range could be increased by adding one additional 12V battery.

Total invested in conversion project was $3500. Only asking $2500, obo.
Specs on this cycle can also be seen at the EV Album:
Mike Mangan’s 1979 Harley Davidson Sportster

Please contact Mike Mangan at ebikemike@yahoo.com
with any questions. Please let him know where you heard about the cycle from.

See a few more photos at Flickr.


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