Tablet PC for EV Controller

by admin on January 18, 2010

Yesterday was another EV build day.

The big fun surprise was that my friend Tom had dug up a tablet PC that runs Windows XP.

That means I can run the RTD Explorer software on it to view information, in real-time, from my controller. I will also be able to tweak the settings on the controller. For example, if I want to accelerate faster, all I have to do it type in a command. I could also turn it down if someone else is driving the car for the first time (possibly good for Valet Parking!)

Since it is a full-blown computer (just only a 8.4″ screen though) I can also run music or videos on it. I think the computer will be mounted right by the car stereo, so I can output sound from the PC into the car stereo.

This could be nice to be able to show off some of my YouTube videos in the car while displaying it at a carshow. The tablet PC even has an expansion port. If I can find a dock that goes with it, I could use it to run a second monitor to display in the engine compartment!

For specs on the tablet PC, please visit:
Mine does not have Bluetooth, and the antennae on the wireless LAN doesn’t seem to be working right. Also, I have no battery for the computer, but was able to find a power adapter that will take 11-16V in (range of 12 battery voltage) and output the required 20 volts DC for the computer.


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