EV1 in a movie.

by admin on November 28, 2009

Tonight, I watched the film SCORCHED, a 2003 bank-heist comedy.

One of the lead characters was played by Woody Harrelson. The character is a nature-loving-crackpot who lives in a dome with power from solar panels, with his room-mate, a duck.

What car does he drive? A beat up EV1!
In the movie the car is dusty and missing the rear wheel covers.

I looked up some info on the movie (thanks IMDB.com!) and found that it finished filming just before August 2001.

The court ruling against CARB was in June 2001, and the statement by GM about taking the cars off the road was in February 2002.

That means the car could have been a regular, official leased vehicle at the time.

I know that Woody Harrelson was a supporter of the car, I don’t know if he EVer leased one or not. (I don’t remember seeing him in WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR.)

The other weird part is that a motorcycle is featured in the film – the exact same make/model/and color that I converted to electric!

What are the odds of an electric car and my EV Motorcycle in the same movie?

Throw in a black Geo Metro, and I would be freakin’ out!

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