No More Corn Syrup – Day 5

by admin on March 1, 2009

Kashi brand Breakfast cereal with milk. It took 20 minutes to chew this stuff. Tasty, and you sure can’t gulp it down the way you can with heavily processed food. Coffee with natural sugar and real cream.

One of the new EV Club members runs a pizzaria. He brought a couple of pizzas made the night before to bake for lunch. Very tasty – good crust – No corn syrup, I checked days ahead of time.

Dinner: Kristin made from scratch Vegetable Quiche. VERY tasty! No corn syrup or meat!

Right now I have a loaf of bread rising on my kitchen counter. I have never made bread before (without a bread machine!)

If it weren’t for this experiment, I don’t think I would really ever bother, but because of my earlier complaint about bread having corn syrup, somebody suggested I make my own, and you know what a push-over I am.

This bread recipe is really easy to make, but takes a LONG time. I started about 20 hours ago!

I do have to say, I am really enjoying food a LOT more. It tastes better. It’s more fun.

I was originally thinking that by going without corn syrup, I would be doing without. I would be MISSING my favorite foods.

Far from it. Instead, I am FREED from bad food, and it opens up a whole new world to me.

I made “simple syrup” last night. Do you even know what it is? It’s real easy. It’s just sugar dissolved in water. I made a simple syrup, then used that with (real) lemon and lime juice to make a margarita mix. Add plenty of ice and tequila, and BAM! Corn-syrup free cocktail time!

I was a bit disappointed recently though. When looking through the “ethnic food” aisle at the grocery store, I found the Coca-Cola from Mexico. What’s great about Mexican sodas is that they use sugar, instead of corn syrup. When I double-checked the ingredient list, I found that they CHANGED THE FORMULA! My Mexican cola now contains “high fructose corn syrup AND/OR cane sugar. Looks like trade laws and other things have changed enough that they sometimes use corn syrup, and sometimes cane sugar, depending on whats available (read: cheapest) at the time.

Looks like a Rum & Coke is off my list of acceptable tasty beverages.

[EDIT: I just finished eating home-made Hazel-Nut-Chocolate Pudding! It’s SOOOO good. Just because I am not eating corn syrup doesn’t mean I won’t eat everything else!!!]

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