The Newspaper Article

by admin on December 31, 2008

The newspaper article just came out.

Actually, the paper came out a day early this week, because of the New Year’s Holiday.

I got a call this afternoon from my wife. She works for a large furniture retailer. One of the owners of the company called the woman she carpools with to ask if the guy in the article was her neighbor….

The article was pretty good overall, other than confusing the specs on my motorcycle with that of the Killacycle. (Nope, MY cycle doesn’t go to 60 mph in under one second…)

Not only was the article on the bottom of the front page of the local paper, it was also on the TOP of the FRONT page of the county seat paper. Complete with the notorious color self-portrait photo of me and the 15 MPH sign! 😮

Here’s the local paper

Here’s the front page of the county newspaper

Is it just a coincidence that the front page of the same paper also talks about trying to find cheap gas?

PS: I just got facebooked by a guy from my highschool days: “I saw you in the Freeman today. Impressive work.”

I just can’t escape the internet….

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