It Started as a Joke….

by admin on December 29, 2008

I can not believe how many people think my story of the speeding ticket court date is the funniest tale ever.

I was seriously embarrassed by the whole situation, yet, to a T, every person commenting about it so far describes it as nothing less than hilarious…

On, one of my favorite Eco-Transportation forums, a person joked “want 20 bucks?”, suggesting a donation towards the cost of the ticket.

“Sure thing”, I jokingly responded. I even mentioned that I accept PayPal, including actual contact info.

Now here’s the weird thing. Somebody donated.

Then another.

And another.

So far, three people have made contributions to help pay for my Electric Car Speeding Ticket. Only one of them is from somebody I have ever met in person, and both the others were of even larger contributions.

It’s a bizarre, yet wonderful feeling to know that other supporters of Electric Vehicles believe in the work that I am doing enough that they would put their own money on the line.

This morning, I had a telephone interview with a reporter from the local paper, the result of the Judge dragging me across the street to the Newspaper Office last Friday. The interview went pretty well. I told the reporter about my work on the project, all the moral support I have gotten through web forums, and e-mailed him photos of my project.

He asked me to follow up with him later if there was anything else to add about the project.

It sure would make a great ending to say that I had so much support from the EV community that THEY covered the entire cost of the ticket.

But only if you think it’s the funniest story ever….

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