Jay Leno and the Tesla Roadster

by admin on November 12, 2008

The last couple of nights, I’ve been staying up to watch the monologue on the TONIGHT SHOW.

Before going to one of the commercials, Jay says to check out his garage online. So, I did. I already knew that Jay Leno is a huge car fan and owns an old-school Baker Electric car.
What I didn’t know is what a delight of a video there was on the page about the Tesla Roadster.
The Tesla has had a large share of the press on electric vehicles lately. People talk about how wonderful it is, or how the company is going to flop at any second. But there’s an aweful lot of misinformation on the Tesla as well.
This is the best video I have found so far, giving honest information about the car, and has a real, live person test-driving it.
This summer, I had a chance to see a Tesla in person. In fact, I even got to sit in it, although I did NOT get to take it for a ride. (See photo at top) I must have spoken with the sales person for almost an hour total.
Unfortunately, I was working the event that the car was at, so I missed when it came in and left. I only got to see it move when we were taking it out of a ballroom. Even then, the only camera I had handy was the web cam on my laptop computer!
Anyways, here’s Jay Leno’s review of the car, followed by my web cam of the car leaving a convention center!
Two things I will mention about the car:
1. It’s really hard to get in and out of. Notice in the Jay Leno video that the top of the car is lower than his belt! I felt like I was sitting on the floor!
2. It’s got a really weird door handle. The first time you go to get in it, you don’t know where to pull!

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1 Blog November 14, 2008 at 12:40 pm

NICE job. I’m trying to free up some time to build my own EV. Thanks a lot for videos!!!

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